Rich Links: Strikes, Child Labour and Groundwater

Regularly, we bring you the best links from around the internet on everything from exciting new resource discoveries to strikes and market developments. Most pieces we link to will include a look at the political angle of the raw news:

Looming strikes in South African gold mines:

The Union ACMU rejects a settlement between two other unions and gold mining companies, demanding better terms for its members. Employers on the other hand claim that any further strikes would be illegal and unprotected. The stage seems to be set for a confrontation:

Child labor in Tanzanian gold mines:

Child labour is still common in Tanzanian mines, reports ThinkAfricaPress

Vast groundwater reserves discovered in Kenya's Turkana region

Politicians are euphoric, but the remoteness of the reserves and their depth (300 meters) make it unlikely that talk of a "game changer" comes true. More likely are profound positive local consequences: Daily Maverick