Fatou Diome on immigration: “We will all be rich together, or perish together”

Some hard truths, eloquently presented by writer Fatou Diome. You should follow the link and watch the whole video (in French) or read the partial translation. This is the money quote:

And the Schengen visa that you speak of – You will let me finish!—this via gives me the opportunity to be invited to give talks in your universities if you find my brains convenient and profitable, but it bothers you that my brother, who may not have the degrees that I have, but who may want to maybe come to Europe and work in construction, that idea makes your countries schizophrenic. You cannot divide the migrants between the useful ones and the poisonous ones.


Stop the hypocrisy. We will all be rich together, or perish together.

Source: That moment when Senegalese writer Fatou Diome kicked European Union butt | Africa is a Country